"Sitting hours on end at your desk, week after week is bad. It just is."      

We need a culture shift. It’s too easy to sit on your ass.  Back in the day you didn't really have a choice, this is what companies did, even newer companies. You had to wear your nice shirt and sit for hours a week at a desk. But research and health-conscious companies are coming to the forefront and they're giving us a lot more options. All companies want their employees to be happier, healthier and more focused at work. If you request a standing desk more often than not they will provide one.

Stall Desk is completely designed around you.  For most of us of much of our life revolves around work.  Sitting at desks for hours on end has changed our collective health. We set out to make standing at your desk an important part of your daily ritual. Imagine being able to be more awake, to think more clearly, to rejuvenate, even to unwind, WHILE WORKING.

 Ställ Desk-  Stand Tall and Deliver

From CEO interviews: 

"It's really important to our culture that folks are happy and engaged and working well. We want to do the best we can for our customers so a standing desk gave us that. When our team is happy and healthy so am I" 

"Productive folks are number one, good to be around, and in turn make other members more happy and productive. It's a chain reaction" 


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