“Gets me on my feet and I feel healthier at the end of the day. I’ve even lost a few pounds because I’m up and moving around while I’m doing my job” - J.H.

“I love the feeling and the freedom of standing at my Stall Desk” - B.D.

“I just got finished with my first day at the office using Stall Desk . It was a totally unique experience and loved it. I got more done and I feel like I have more energy”- J.A.


 “It’s surprisingly lightweight, so easy to use and I can alternate easily between standing and sitting whenever, wherever I want. I love how it has two different height levels, which makes it easier to adapt to different work environments”-M.T.

“The whole thing just felt awesome. No neck strain. I want to work like this every day” - T.R.

“ It felt great, it was a really fun freeing and comfortable experience.” - K.S.


Ställ Desk -  working like this just makes sense